Happy Cube

... probably the finest puzzle in the World

These are most educational puzzle of my puzzles because they help a player to develop his three-dimensional thinking. It activates the logical thinking since the player will authomatically analyse the different shapes of the pieces and try to connect them in such as way that they form a cube or a large structure.

Very educative is that the Happy Cubes are shaped with five segments on each side. This is very important. Why ? Because the human brain is always analyzing with five parameters, correspondenting with our five fingers per hand. When we take an object our brain will analyse after the visual information how much power and which fingers will be used in taking and touching the object. Important is also that the middle finger stays the third finger when we turn the hand. The same effect when we play with the Happy Cube pieces.

Already from a serious distance we can recognize shapes and see the middle segment. Don't forget that the number five reflects the plasma or human spirit as you can find this number in pentagrams, pentacles or other "magic" signs.This advantage is not existing with Planet Cubes where six segments are used, or with the Snafooz puzzles, and so also they give less intercombinations between the colours since the asymmetric forms , and by turning-over a piece the position-value changes ( fe. position 3 becomes position 4).

The child of three/four years sees only a flat structure and will try to make the flat puzzle or put the pieces in a row. Once the child develops three-dimensional roots the Happy Cube offers the essential processes in develop them. Also the hand-eye-coordination is activated, and also the memory since the player tries to remember the shapes and how certain interfit to become the cube. By competition ( who makes the cube the fastest ) the players - yougst and old - are motivated.

All colours have different shapes and give thus another puzzle to solve. The Happy Cubes are all different. Otherwise than the Rubic's cube which has only one technical solution. This is an essential difference. The Happy Cube puzzles are honest puzzles, they have no hidden tricks behind, the pieces lay down on the table, open and ready for the puzzler. When you know the solution of the yellow Happy Cube by hart, you don't know the solution of the purple, green, blue, ... or from the other family members. The purple Happy Cube is considered - by myself - to be the hardest to solve for the general public. The new Profi Cubes - with black dots have only one single solution although they have many symmetric pieces. So it happens that all five first pieces fit very fast but the lastest piece don't want to go in.

Here are the four types of Happy Cube-puzzles :

The Happy Cube are worldwide commercialized by Happy nv in Zoersel (Belgium)
This little stage shows the different levels of difficulty.

Most - not all - of these puzzles can interconnect. For examples of combinations.
For connection possibilties between colours of the normal Happy Cubes: click here.

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