VARIOUS PUZZLES started with the Happy Cube

I created a lot of puzzles. The first and most popular puzzle that I created in 1986 is the Happy Cube, a cube puzzle that is at the same time a flat puzzle. In totally I designed more than 8'500 shapes of these pieces. The Happy Cube received several names such as the I.Q.ube, de Wirrel Warrel Kubus, CocoCrash and Cube-it. Happy Cube is now the name and this name repressents the general feeling people have when they play with the cube: a nice feeling of the nice foam-material, the bright colours and the surprising solution: sometimes every fast in 1 minute, and the next time in 15 minutes.

Here is the general idea. It was the first puzzle ever made with also a frame for the flat puzzle.

In total 24 standard Happy Cube puzzles were created, all with another colour and other difficulties. Next to these I made special promotion puzzle like for McDonalds, KLM, ... printed with there logo. After that puzzle I invented several other puzzles such the "Planet Cubes" (with 6 segments per side instead of 5 segments on the Happy Cube), the Crissle Crossle puzzles, K.O.-Puzzles, .... and some other puzzles.

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