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The inventor of most of the foam products you find on this website.

Dirk Laureyssens:

Activities: involved with several inventions and writing patents for own companies or on demand for third parties.Owner of ± 150 patents in various fields s.a. toys, premium, electronics, household products, industrial products, ... . Owner of many US-Copyrights. Involved with video-compression, interested in many fields, such as cosmology.

PUZZLES: Happy Cube 3D-Puzzles ( the first squishy 3D-Puzzle + 2D-puzzle made of foam), Snuzzles, Cricro's and other educational puzzles.

With Happy Cubes a participant in the Pavilion of Belgium on the World Exposition in Sevilla 1992, EXPO'92, with a special showcase (image left). The Happy Cube puzzles became "Toy of the Year" in several countries.

GAMES: New interactive gaming system with changeable dice and game parts ( zapping parts). Several new games and revised world-famous games under US-Copyrights. Step-in concept for new boardgame manufacturing company. Concepts also to be used in online games, games for interactive digital television and wire-less devices.

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