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The NEW PlanetPremium PREMIUMS Spring & Summer 2003.

TopStars are active premiums in several sizes. Table, bath, swimming-pool and beach toy. Idea: mount with the X and Y piece a special star. Throw with the circles around one of the arms. Points, missions or messages are printed on the arms.There are two standard sizes, but special custom-made are possible too. The arms can also have 'product' shapes. More on TOPSTARS
Ufox is a competition game that fits on drink-cans. There are several catapulting zones for more players. Each player receives a number of identical pieces which must be catapulted inside an empty can or the cup-shape bottom. In different sizes and shapes. There are two standard models (a more space efficient version and a more logo-space version). Interesting as a competition game in schools, at home, on vacation and beach, in the Pubs. More on UFOX
Danufox, an active premium around small food bottles or food cilindres/disposable packaging, and even on pens and pencils, etc. Target is to catapult small foam pieces - which come together in the inner circle - in or on a goal or area, such as a cleaned food container. There two basic concepts, one that is to hold in the hand and one that can lay on the table. The inner dimension can be adapted to the specific measures of the holder. More on Danufox.
Flexo's are small EVA-pieces which are bend to insert the top inside the opening in the lower part. On pushing on the curved zone the Flexo will jump over a distance between 20 and 100 cm. Various shapes and printed with logo, designs and messages. Volume product. More on Flexo's.
Traditional well-modelled sandals, printed with customized messages and designs. Perfect as beach premium, for sport, sauna and swimming-pool facilities, home and quality hotels. More on Sandals.
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