Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


Airport is a travel game for an unlimited number of players.
The score will be kept on a paper.

Target of the game is to have first 101 points or more.

The game is played with 2 changeable ZapDice.
First dice starts using traditional values (spots 1 to 6) representing points, and
the second dice has a disk with value 9 points and 5 special prints, each meaning:

  • KING (Crown): Throw again and you can add up all the points of that turn. Before the next throw you can choose to inter-change 2 disks. If King is thrown 4 times in a row ("King's Row") that player wins the whole game.

  • ZERO: Cancel all the present and previous added points during this turn.

  • GIVE AWAY ( 2 faces - left player smiles): Give all points of this turn to the player on your left.

  • TAKE AWAY ( Yin-Yang Logo): Now you receive! Deduct last thrown points from player on your Right and add them to your score.

  • DOUBLE ( 2 x): Double the points of the other dice.

Additional there are 2 disks added; one with 7 spots and one disk with 8 spots.

Now you can influence the speed of the game by replacing the 1 by 8. Such change can also be part of strategy if you believe that you will have more good luck in the future part of the game. Now a player will influence the roll of dice.

Below is an overview of possible combinations and what to do if at the same time 2 special prints are thrown.

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