Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

The POWER or Functional Zap Dice

... is a Zap Dice from which special zap Disks with 'power' functions can be removed, entered, exchanged depending the rules of the game and the imagination of the game inventor.

Replacing one or more Disks in or from a Functional Zap Dice has an effect on the power or possibilities of the players and/or their game pieces. A functional Zap Dice can replace also luck-cards or ?-cards.

    First type of game: A Functional Zap Dice is used by the players and can tranfer 'powers' or 'attitudes' to the Individual Zap Dice
    Second type of game: A Functional Zap Dice can be the only link between Zap Tools. Fe. remove the STOP-disk from my red Individual Zap Dice ---> Functional Dice ----> later to the green Individual Zap Dice of David.
    Much more similar type of Games can be made. Complete new game approaches become possible without creating complex rules or a large number of combination tools.
    In the ZAPPO game the POWER DICE triggers the powers that can be transfered to the 4 pawns of each player. Of course there are not sufficient 'wonderfull' disks, so this Pachisi game can be very tough ... especially when one of your pawns received the 'STOP' disk!
Depending of the rules 1, 2 or more Zap Disks can be removed, replaced , interchanged or captured.

Type of Change/Transfer: e.g. Blind, Chosen, Obligated, Limited, Forbidden, Stepwise, Restricted pieces, Successive, Uni-color/Multi-color, One/More Pcs., Authorizes access to other Zap Dice, Zap Tool or Disk,... etc.

These are some basic Zap Dice ( a collective dice with which all players throw), a collective or individual Power Dice, the Individual dices, a collective Trash Dice. These dices can be activated at any time in relation with whatever other zap game part (Pawn, Checker, Stratego piece, Collection plate, Game board, etc.).

The Zap-concept brings "Choice and Freedom" into games, just like we became more independent in our Society.

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