Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

The Zap concepts are created by Dirk Laureyssens, Belgian inventor. In total he wrote more than 150 patents. With the Happy Cubes and the variation (the Cricro Puzzles) he is well-known puzzle inventor. He graduated at the University of Antwerp in Social and Political Sciences.

Laureyssens participated with The Happy Cubes in the Pavilion of Belgium at the World Exposition in Sevilla 1992, EXPO'92, with a special showcase. This showcase can be seen at permanently at the Toy Museum in Mechelen (Belgium).

In the down-part of the showcase is a symbolic cave with the 'birth' of the Stone of Wisdom. That part represents the Unter-Ich in each person (after Carl-Gustaf Jung), the middle part is the Ich (the Self) and the upper-part is the Uber-ich (the collective consciousness ).

Some well-known worldwide distributed products based on patents or copyrights first created by Laureyssens: Double Magnum, Wrebbit 3D-Puzzles, Furby Plush Toy.

For example the FURBY Plush Toy. Belgian patent# 1008629A6 dd. 04/06/1996 'Interactive doll'.

Next to some activities in the interactive game networking and still writing patents, Laureyssens is actually involved in some projects on video compression for wireless devices and Video-on-Demand.

Laureyssens about the Zap Concept: The Zap Games are in fact transcending over the old game concepts which were mostly static and stated that people depend on luck. The Zap concept however shows that we have a
relative freedom to act.

The possibility to transfer values and powers through the Zap Disks contains an hidden educational message about the relativity of our actions, the freedom to use power, the advantage(s) to be attentive and to make the right decision(s). And that's what life is about, isn't it?

But playing with Zap Tools gives also real fun and joy. It makes us happy when we see and feel (tactile) that
we can help 'luck' a little bite in our favor. That extra fun - in many variations - based on freedom of action will make a lot of people play (and buy) again more board games because with those creative extra's, suddenly a new interactive dimension opens that can compete with the electronic games.

That the Zap Games will become a success will not depend from only one man but from a large group of people with vision, idea's, money, will-power and guts.

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