Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


You see above four Zap Games we designed to show some of the various possibilities. We don't claim that these games are the best ever created ... these are just examples of what can be done with the ZAP approach. I am sure other game inventors can do better. ;-). The first game, called ZAPPO, is a Zap-version of the traditional Indian game Parcheesi. This zap-version is amazing funny ... one pawn can have the 'ghost' status and can never be captured ... except ...., one disks has the Packman power, ... etc. Disk changes can be done on special fields. The third game, called CITY GAME, is also rather special. Only the Zap concept makes the disk up-loading and off-loading of the empty dice frames in the middle possible. The target is to fill first your own empty frame ... but others can put some of their disks inside your empty frame to annoy you. On this website you can find more about this four games.

To recapitulate some essentials of the Zap concept:

The Zap Dice has changeable (removable) disks with values, logo's, text, ...

During a game
values are exchanged, collected, stolen, blocked, ... to influence the game, the speed, the direction, the power of pieces, ...
This opens many new dimensions for game developers and game inventors ... and a lot new fresh fun and game creativity for all game lovers.

Zap Dice ... with removeable disks out/in the frame.

Games with zap-tools are a product of our actual society because today we zap from car, job, creditcard, country, jeans, food, partner, ... , and television-station. Technical freedom became a structural goody and is like a game part in the big world.

Therefore we create now also in the small world of games an analogue freedom in moving parts of games such as dice, pawns, checkers, stratego pieces, dominoes, plates, ... .

The Zap Dice can be used in all existing board games, dice games, roleplaying games, war games, educational games and it can be played together with any traditional static dice. This plastic dice offers the possibility to change speed, symbols or functions and introduces new strategy, tension, flexibility into games on individual and/or common level, ... but of course LADY LUCK ... still is essential. This Smart Dice can also be a Trash Dice or Container Dice!

The Zap Dice ( also called Smart Dice) can be changed e.g. on a special field, by entering a zone, as a reward, indicated by a ?-card, by buying, by throwing a special disk, free choice, by attacking/defending, by strategic rule, by convention ... .

There is a
little spoon for the first use and for people with weaker nails.

The zap disks of the Zap Dice can interchanged with other frames than the dice, such as pawns. In next design you can see the Zapping Disk, going from one game-tool to another, just like we activate compatible software in different computer hardware.

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