Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

With ZAPPO we adapted one of the oldest and famous round games (originated from India, called PACHISI) , and in Europe and USA called " Ludo®" or "Parcheesi®". In the original game players try to get first their four pawns from the centre after an outside round back into the centre ( also called Char-koni). In the modern (commercial versions we know players start at the outside corners. Now when you land in ZAPPO on a Zap 'Castle' (area with the disk-transfer-logo) you may remove and replace a disk from a dice or a pawn.

Target of the game : to go around the board with the 4 pawns and then arrive "home" (on the squares 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the middle zone) firstly.

This game consists of : 8 changeable Zap dice in 4 colors, 16 pawns in 4 colors with each a changeable Logo-disk on top, a playing board, a carton plate with purple edge with 9 extra disks with dots, a special blue "power" dice with 6 detachable symbols.

Important : this board game is played with changeable zap dice and changeable zap pawns. The dice have on each edge a little disk . Players can replace each others disks and can so increase or reduce the speed of the own or the other's dice. e.g.. take out a 1 of yourself and change it by a 9, ..take out a 6 out of the dice of Peter and replace it by a 0 (zero).

The blue "power" dice - who is located in the middle of the board - has 6 disks with special drawings which give a definite power or possibility. These disks can be put in the pawns-head carrying the toy company Logo or other symbols.

Players will give extra powers and/or speed to the dice and pawns to enter first all pawns on the home fields and try to block or slow-down the other players pawns and dice.

For extended rules of the game : Zappo Rules.

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