Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


Zap Pawns ... with removeable disks on top ... become a very dynamic element on the game board. When more pawns are involved - like in Parcheesi - each pawn can have exclusive or special powers. This means that you will analyse the powers of your pawns in a different way than before ... and your strategy will lead you in deciding which pawn will be moved or 'must' stay. Although the same color ... another value. Pawns can - depending from the game concept - become specialized 'soldiers' or 'workers', ... or 'para-medics', ... or whatever you can imagine.

With the special connector in their top ... a Zap Disk can enter or can be removed ... provoking that way a change in 'Status'.

Many new games will be developed by creative game inventors, but also a number of classic games will be adapted.

I know that some people say:
'Don't fix it when it is not broken' but ... for example ... the ZAPPO game gives so much more pleasure, logic, strategy and tension than the original Parcheesi, or it's successors: Mens-erg-je-niet, Mensch-ärgt-Dich-Nicht, ...) that we have to say: 'It's not fixing ... it's adding value and fun'

And business wise it's always nice to create new copyrightable and protectable material and value with some small but fundamental changes on proven concepts which stand already for hundreds of years.

© Dirk Laureyssens 1991-2003. All rights reserved.