Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

The TRASH or Container Zap Dice

... is Zap Dice which is empty ( no disks in the frame) or which contains a number of extra disks that can be used by a player depending the rules of the game and the imagination of the game inventor.

A Container Zap Dice can contain e.g. a 9, a 8, a 7, a Joker, a Devil and a zero.

First type of game: An Empty Zap Dice is used by the players together with a Collective Zap Dice and depending of the upperwards disk of the Collective Zap Dice a disk will be tranfered from an Individual Zap Dice to the Empty Zap Dice.
Second type of game: An Empty Zap Dice can be tempory filled with various Zap Disks taken out of a sack.
Much more similar type of Games can be made. Complete new game approaches become possible without creating complex rules or a large number of combination tools such a cards for the rules.

Depending of the rules 1, 2 or more Zap Disks can be removed, replaced , interchanged or captured.

Type of Change: Blind, Chosen, Obligated, Limited, Forbidden, Stepwise, Restricted pieces, Successive, Uni-color/Multi-color, One/More Pcs., Authorizes access to other Zap Dice, Zap Tool or Disk,... etc.

These are some basic Zap Dice ( a collective dice with which all players throw), a collective or individual Power Dice, the Individual dices, a collective Trash Dice. These dices can be activated at any time in relation with whatever other zap game part (Pawn, Checker, Stratego piece, Collection plate, Game board, etc.).

The Zap-concept brings "Choice and Freedom" into games, and creates an adaptive and logic mind. We can say that a good educational Zap games will provoke 'experience'

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