Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


The Zap Dice

Zap Dice ... with removeable disks out/in the frame.

The Zap Pawns

Zap Pawns ... with removeable disks on top.

The Zap Checkers

Zap Checkers or Zap Chips are different types of chips in which the interchangeable disks fit. So chips can be identified, have LIVE# indications, new functions, powers. Zap Checkers can be played 'open' or 'hidden', as checkers, as money, as connectors, ....
Applications in memory games.

Stratego Zappers

Stratego Zappers are the carriers of 'hidden' information of the Strategic-type in which "information" can be changed depending the rules. The disk is only visible to the owner. Many memory applications are possible. Games can be created with only two colors, one for each player but also other games can be imagined with several colors per player.

Zap Plates or Zap Collectors

Zap Value Plates or forms ( eg. vehicles, ships, ...) in which Disks can be put to see the levels of activity, type & # lives, powers... as a collector of captured Disks... which will be activated under special rules or as individual display or play board.

The Disks ( also called Dib)

The Universal Disk fits in all Zap Bodies. A disk can be printed with all different types of designs such as numbers, letters, symbols, names, logo's, pictures, .. so people can make and adjust their own personal dice, special power dice with different functions (e.g. PacMan, Reverse direction, Joker, Weather, ..) or adapt the power, level, freedom, ... . The Disk can also be put in other Zap Items such as Pawns, Dominoes, Boards, Value plates, Chips, Spinners, Stratego zapper, Connectors, ...

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