Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


is an exciting poker-type dice game with 8 Zap Dice ...
with removable disks in the dice body.

Target of the Game and Short rules of the Game:
To win: Won the most rounds of identical symbols to be reached in 1, 2 or 3 throws.
E.g. a round for Oranges, a round for Anchors, ...
Players only throw with the 3 White Dice and 3 Yellow Dice.
The 2 Blue Dice can release a disk under condition that the disk with the 'Change'-logo has been thrown.
The target symbol (used only once) is choosen by the first player.
10 rounds are played, each time another symbol and the 11th turn goes for the Jokers.
The Disk with the 'Change' logo and the 'Devil' can never be transfered to the blue frames, all other disks can.

For extended rules on this game: click Pronto rules

The Pronto Dice Game is a very entertaining game for an unlimited group of people with a much larger number of opportunities in choices than anyother dice game.

We welcome any help or suggestions to make an electronic version of this game.

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