Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

The Zap Dice makes you change values in other zap dice during games such as roleplaying, board games like Monopoly, Parcheesi/Pachisi / Ludo, ....! or Poker-type games.
So next to LUCK you have real freedom for your own strategy.


Pronto is a Poker type game.

Target of the Game: Win most rounds , each for the most identical symbols to reach in 1, 2 or 3 throws. E.g. a round for Oranges, a round for Anchors, ...

Short rules of the Game:
Players only throw with the 3 White Dice and 3 Yellow Dice. The 2 Blue Dice can release a disk when the disk with the Change-logo is thrown.

A round can have maximum 3 throws depending from the first player.

The player who starts a round choses after his first thrown(1) the target symbol that all next players must throw obligatory to beat him , and determinates during his round (2) the maximum numbers of throwns ( 1, 2 or 3) during that round. He can stop after his first or second throw when he is satisfied with the result. Each throw a player puts all correct dice ( with choosen symbols and/or jokers ) beside and can go further with the incorrect dice to go for more target symbols.
Who throws most target symbols in a round wins that round ( for example: 4 apples in 3 throws). If someone throws the same number of symbols in less throws he wins ( for example: 4 apples in 2 throws). If several players have the same number of symbols in the same throws, these players throw one extra time for the same symbol till only one player stays. The loser on the left of the winner starts the next round.

10 rounds are played, each time another symbol and the 11th turn goes for the Jokers. If Jokers are still in the blue dice these are thrown together with the other six.

- The Joker counts for every symbol. So a "Bell" with three jokers means 4 Bells.
- A thrown with the symbol of the Devil makes the whole round unvalid for that player.
- The thrown with the symbol of the Dirk's Change Disk gives the right to the player to exchange a disk from a white or yellow dice of his choice with disk a blue dice and visa-a-versa.
- The 2 blue framed dice are collectors of information and are passive. Players can take out of a blue frame a Disk when one of the white or yellow framed dice shows the Disk logo. This is not obligatory. It is the free choice of the player if or which Disk in the white or yellow frame will be replaced/transfered to or from a blue frame.
- The Disk with the 'Change' logo and the 'Devil' can never be transfered to the blue frames.
- Each player can stop throwing if he is statisfied e.g. to avoid throwing the Devil.
- When the first player throws the devil, next player chooses the target-symbol to go for.
- The thrown points can be written in the special competition booklet.

The Pronto Game is a very entertaining game for an unlimited group of people with a much larger number of opportunities in choices than any other dice game.

We welcome any help or suggestions to make an electronic version of this game.

© Dirk Laureyssens 1991-2003. All rights reserved.