Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

ZAP DICE GAME - Never seen concept!

CITY GAME RULES: A fast and cunning game for 2 to 4 players.

Target: to be the first to complete one's own empty die with the complete set of 6 disks of symbols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Joker in any colour.

· 16 frames + 60 disks in four colours, and 12 Joker disks.
· Optional: 1 game board

Assembly and Set Up:
· Each player takes 4 frames + 15 disks of the same colour and 3 jokers.
· Each player places 1 empty dice (City Dice) on the City Area in the centre of the board.
· Fill up each of 3 remaining dices (Urban Dice) with the following symbols: 1,2,3,4,5 and Joker

· Place all 3 filled Urban Dice on your Urban Area.

Meaning of Words

Frame: Central part of the Dice

Dib: Small insert part entering into the dice frame

Fill: To replace an empty side of one dice with a disk from a filled side of another dice

Exchange: To swap two disks of two filled sides

Urban Dice: Dice in the outer circle of the board. Each Player throws his own Urban Dice. Once thrown, upper sides remain until it is the players turn again. So the urban dice cannot be rotated.

City Dice: Target dice in the middle to be filled. These dice are never thrown.

Urban Area: Zone to park your three Urban Dice. Only 'fill' can be performed on the upper side of these thrown Urban Dice

City Area: Central Zone to park all 4 City Dice. 'Fill' and 'Exchange' can be performed on any sides among the City Dice depending upon the thrown values of Urban Dice

Joker: Stands for symbols 1,2,3,4,5 or Joker at player's choice. e.g. thrown values of Urban Dice = Joker+2+3, player can treat the thrown Joker as 2 or 3 at his choice.

City-Transfer: 2 or 3 disks of same symbols (including Jokers) of Urban Dice are thrown. Player can fill any sides of his own City Dice with the upper side of his thrown double Urban Side at his choice. See
(keywords: own Urban-> own City = Upper Side->Any Side, 1-way fill)

Urban-Fill: When 1 empty side of Urban Dice is thrown. Player can fill his empty, upper side of the thrown dice with one disk from the upper sides of Urban Dice from any players; or the other way round e.g. put one of the own disk in an empty Urban die of an other player. See (keywords: own Urban<-> other Urban = Upper Side<->Upper Side, 2-way fill)

At his Choice: Player has choice to do or not to perform any action.

How To Play

The 4 empty dice are put in the centre of the board. The 3 filled dice of each player are put into the special " Urban" place on the board.

Player with the highest throw starts. Each player throws his 3 Urban Dice in turn (in clockwise direction). Only values of upper sides are valid.

Depending on the thrown values, the player can do City-Transfer (double- symbols), Urban-Fill (1-empty-side), City-Fill (2-empty-side), or City Exchange (3-empty-side). Each player aims to fill all 6 sides of his own empty City Dice with a complete set of 6 symbols 1,2,3,4,5 and Joker in any colour combination. The player can achieve the aim using attacking tactic by filling the appropriate disks to his advantage. Or delaying other player's using blocking tactic by filling unwanted disks to their dice.

Urban-City Transfer:
One-time-action with one disk. Taking one wanted disk from opponent's Urban Die that makes a double with an upper side disk in your own Urban Dice and transfer this captured disk directly to the own City Dice. E.g. Your green Urban upper sides: 1, 3 and empty. You take out from upper sides of urban dice of yellow player a 3. Because you have now double 3 ( green 3 + yellow 3 ) you transfer the captured yellow 3 directly to your City dice.
In case of a joker: This is only possible with the captured Joker when one joker is already in the own Urban Dice.
It is not possible to capture a Joker, put him into your empty Urban dice and than transfer a 3 to the City dice. That would be a two-time-action.

When only one more disk is needed to complete one's City Dice, that player must knock on the table to inform other players. If the player forgets this he looses his turn.

A player having a higher fill-power can also execute a lower fill (but only one action) . E.g. the player with the City Fill ( 2 empty) can also do an Urban Fill ( one empty). ( Keyidea: City Exchange > City Fill > Urban Fill).
A high Fill power can not replace the City Transfer where you always need a double disk.


City Blocking
Give your opponent two identical symbols on his City Dice to slow down his completion process.

To resolve this problem, the opponent must:
· either have City-Fill to remove the blocking disk
· or have City-Exchange to swap the blocking disks with an appropriate disk from other City Dice

Urban Blocking
Give your opponent's Urban Dice an unwanted disk by Urban-Fill so that you can:
· increase his chance of throwing unwanted disk;
· decrease his number of empty sides; and
· increase your number of empty sides

City Bonus
Give yourself advantage by getting a wanted disk from any of your opponents' City Dice to your City Die. It can be done by a City-Fill or City Exchange.

Urban Bonus
By taking one of the wanted disk from Urban Dice of any opponent's Urban Dice to your own Urban Dice by Urban-Fill.

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