Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers

Transfer of values, powers and information happens with this zap disk. The Zap Disk is like software in a computer, but software that can work on different computers brands (Apple + MS + Solaris + Amiga + ...). The Zap Disks are the essential pieces in the Zap Concept, and with the symbols on the disks game inventors can bring the message(s) they want and they will prove their originality by the kind of interactions with the Zap Frames.

All next games can be adapted with the zap dice or special zap tools, so we can adapt the rules and board after the whole game. These games can be : general board games, all roleplaying games, various dice games, complex war games, educational games, electronic games, round games, games, table games, dice & games, gaming in general, dragon dice ( oringinal Dragon Dice of TRS - actually Wizards of the Coast - was first designed with our Zap Dice), other dice and games and traditional games like checkers, Stratego, Monopoly, Anti-monopoly, Senet or Senat, Hazard, Buck dice, Barbudi, Barbudi, Poker, Black Jack, Ashtapada, Sadurangam, yih, Saturankam, Latrunculi, Duodecim scripta, Tabula, T'shu-pu, Skat, jeu de gobelets, Chuck-a-luck, Schimmel, Little buck, Big buck, Buck dice, Shooters or shooter, Shooter dice, Vegas dice, Las Vegas dice, Aces, Martinetti, Martinetti, Ohio dice, Centennial dice, Grand Hazard, Craps, Craps, Craps dice, Main point, Chance point, Nicks, Tesserae, Tali, Three Men's Morris, wei-chi, I-Go, game of UR, Snakes and Ladders, Halma, jeu forcé, Le grand forçat, Mu torere, Alquerque games, Shap luk kon tseung kwan, Lupo e pecore, Rimau, Kerala, Race games, Totolospi, Patol, Tasholiwe, Coan Ki, Backgammon, Asi Kelyia, Asi Kelyia, Uckers, Ludo [Pachisi, Parchesi or Parcheesi, Mensch argt dich nicht, Mens erg je niet ], Sonaru, Sonaru, Risk, Scrabble, India, Chausar or Chausur, Chausir, Caupur or Caupir, Char koni, Anker, Sun,
... and many more.

It is clear that the real NEW GAMES are much more important than the revised old traditional games. The City Game is a good example of a game that is only possible by the Zap Concept. These kind of game novelties are the master target we go for.

One of the essential Zap Disks is the logo of the changeable disk, illustrated by the two arrows. This sign with appear on the 'change' zones where gamers can perform a change of one or more disks.

The Joker is of course also a very interesting Disk, and I think many people will love to have the Packman Disk. ;-)

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