Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


... the Zap Tools help to design a new generation of board games, dice games, roleplaying games, war games, educational games, electronic games, ... !

All your
complex links and aleatoric problems in game developing are solved with this excellent and simple set of game tools and game parts.

Information Transfer is the Magic Word in new game world!
You can transfer from one game part/sequence to another
disks with powers, values, money, logo's, property, spaceships, wapons, .... just like good software (in our case: zap disks) is compatible with various type of hardware (our: zap dice frame, pawns, checkers - dominoes , stratego pieces, collector plate, ....).

Disks with different powers can be collectibles, and sold in closed bags ( like Magic Cards), and using the Zap Dice was the original idea for Dragon Dice of former TSR.

The Zap Dice has changeable (removable) disks with values, logo's, text, ... During games the values are exchanged, collected, stolen, blocked, ... to influence the game, the speed , the direction , the power of pieces, ... a new dimension for game developers and game inventors ... and a lot new fresh fun and game creativity for all game Lovers.

Zap Dice ... with removeable disks out/in the frame. The disks containing 'information' can be transfered to several other game parts, such as pawns.

The Zap Dice is the revolutionary changeable dice. He can be used in all existing board games, dice games, roleplaying games, war games and can be played together with any traditional static dice. This plastic dice offers the possibility to change speed, symbols or functions and introduces new strategy, tension, flexibility into games ... but ... of course LADY LUCK ... still is essential.

The Zap Dice can be changed e.g. on a special field, by entering a zone, as a reward, indicated by a ?-card, by buying, by throwing a special disk, free choice, by attacking/defending, by strategic rule, by convention, ... and more then 80 ways are described in the book "Dirk's Tools" (Usa ©).

The plastic Zap Dice has a cubic frame body in which little Disk-faces are put but also can be taken out and replaced by other Zapping Disks. On the little studs, called Zap Disks, all kinds of designs are tampon-printed, e.g. dots, numbers, letters, symbols, drawings, logo's, ... Following the rules of the games or the convention between players they will be used and replaced. Zap Dice can be used fe. as : Individual Dice - Trash Dice or Container Dice- Common Dice - Functional Dice and others.

There is a little spoon for the first use and for people with weaker nails.

Information transfer provokes that parts of games will receive, give away or download new powers or other characteristics. For game designers, game inventors and game developers of various board games, roleplaying games, dice games, wargaming this large scale of possibilities offers a lot of freedom, and will give the possibilty to design the new generation of games we all are waiting for and/or redesign previous created games which were not so successfull by combination complexities or jammed by to much unrelated information.

© Dirk Laureyssens 1991-2003. All rights reserved.