Interactive dice and game parts exchange values and powers


... can be inter-changed between game parts.
Go for the Smart Board Games.

Play and develop new exclusive board games, surprising roleplaying games, flexible dice games, Magic collectable war games, level-adaptable educational games, ...
Universal Disk fits in all Zap Bodies, like Zap Pawns, Zap Checkers, Stratego Zappers, Plates, Dominoes, Play Board, Spinners, ...

The Zap Disks can be printed:

  • Spotted ( # dots indicating the ranking of importance)

  • Values ( indication through letters , symbols or numbers)

  • Words ( indicating information )

  • Functions ( indicating mathematical information but also types of actions within games or indicating game rules )

  • Pictures/Graphics ( visual representing of different aspects of life and culture , actions, facts , objects and subjects and the above mentioned types). (see Disk overview)

  • They also can contain electronic circuits.

Zap Tool Frames can be filled with all kinds of special Disks e.g.

· Weather, Time & Seasons ( sun, moon, stars, thermometer, air pressure, storm, tornado, cyclone, waves, snow, fog, rain , lighting, water problems, tidal wave, hurricane, earthquake, fires, hail, sandstorm, wind force, clouds, cold, freezing, spring, Summer, January, December, Monday, Friday, 1939, 9.00 am, ....)

· Traffic Signs ( Stop, round point, speed limit, direction, forbidden, train sign, crossing, red lights, green light, orange light, ...)

· Mathematical Symbols & Numbers: plus, minus, divide, multiply, sum, even, odd, integral, faculty, fractions , operators, numbers, symbols, ...)

· Natural facts ( light, mass, speed, volt, ohm, tension, planets, stars, comets, ...)

· Body elements & Humans ( eyes, nose, toes, hand , finger , nails, liver, hart, foot, muscles, lungs, ... man, woman, child, Asiatic type, ...)

· Letters ( western, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, Spanish, Scandinavia, Chinese, Japanese, machine, symbols, ....)

· Linguistic elements ( Symbols for Sentences: Articles, Verbs, Adverbs, Nouns, Objects, Determiners,...) to create sentences by combining the different coloured dice-frames and interpret the symbols or logo's. The child can then write down that sentence. Verbs must always use the RED-frame, objects the YELLOW-frame, ... the teacher/parent can adjust personal difficulties of the child by chosing certain special Didisks to activate thinking/logic in a choosen direction. For the child it stays playing.

· Colours ( Yellow, green, black, white, blue, red, magenta, ....printed in words or just the colour of the disk)

· Art ( different schools in painting, styles, artists, ...)

· Animals: Dog, cat, horse, sheep, cow, birds, dragon, dino, insects, reptiles, carnivores, crab, Pig, Dolphin, Frog, Moose, Skunk, Loon, Lobster, Flying Squirrel, Teddy, unicorn, mouse, orca, ...

· Transport ( train, planes, boots, space shuttle, rockets, feet, car, helicopter, bike, bicycle, scooter, bus, truck, ... )

· Machines, Instruments & Tools ( knives, pomp, spoon, engines, piano, guitar, flute, lamps, telephone, computers, fax, pen, bell, bar, crayon, mirror, screw, nail, ...)

· Fruit, vegetables and plants ( Apples, orange, citrus, bananas, cerise, pumpkin, cloverleaf, carrots, salads, spinach, tobacco, ...)

· Directions ( Horizontal, vertical, forwards, backwards, under, over, between, trough, in front, behind, ...)

· Sport Symbols & Rules ( F1, Bike-race, Horse race, American Football, Soccer, Golf, Indy-Cart, Baseball, Ski, Athletics, Tennis, ... Effect ball, Lob ball, Penalty, Touchdown, bunker , Curves, Offside, ...)

· Card signs (Hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, black Jack, cups, batons, money, swords, shields, flowers, bells, acorns, leaves, joker, fool, Queen, king, jack, poker 10, poker 9, ....)

· Logo's ( commercial companies, international organisations, public organisations, schools, firmware, newspapers, shops, ...)

· TV & Strip-Characters ( photo's or designs of well-known persons / figures, ....)

· Love themes ( tenderness, charms, dancing, dating, sex, talking, launching, different actions, dress, undress, caress, bite, look, hand in hand, peep, Oedipus-complex, fetish, fixation, pervert, ....)

· Clothes ( pull-over, socks, panty, stocking, coats, head, ski-jacket, kimono, cravat, shawl, pullover, gloves, pants, trousers, ...)

· Roll-playing ( angry, kind, simpatico, shameful, protective, modest, parent, child, aggressive, sanguine, amore, policeman, teacher, mother, attitudes, boss, employee, worker, unemployed, sick, dying, powerful, werewolf, vampire, dragons, phantom, ..)

· Professions ( Farmer, Doctor, Singer, Actor, Fireman, Policeman, inventor, Postman, Pharmacist, Secretary, typist, student, taxi driver, , teacher, Professor, Priest, Reverend, Guru, ...)

· Names of Persons, City's, Villages ( New York , Brussels, Zoersel, Malle, ..)( Dirk, Thomas, Gerdy, Gitta, Sofie, Marcel, Julia, ... Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Marco Polo, Jean-Marie Pfaff, John Lennon, ...)

· Party, Festivity, Convention, Elections, ... Events ( laughing, yelling, jumping, singing, dancing, making strange moves , party items, dressing, drinking, eating, fighting, voting, drawing, competing, flags, supporting, winning, enjoying, Happiness, fortune, bidding, starting , seduce, dress up, ...)

· Countries, Moneys & International organisations ( USA, Belgium, Holland, EU, Japan, ...United Nations, UNICEF, NATO, US-Dollar, £, FF, DM , ¥, ...)

· Economic, Political & Social events ( Shares, Stock exchange, Wall street, inflation, export, import, production, variable costs, fixed costs, economic symbols, Gross National Product, deficit, quota's, strike, devaluation, birth explosion, demographics, , monsoon effect, black Friday, transport, television, CNN, new inventions, bandwagon effect, trend setting, R&D, packaging, religion, subversion activities, espionage, murder, education, computer developments, President, Government, war, round table, ...,

· Natural sites and elements (Rivers, Mountains, Hills, Oceans, Lakes .... Ontario, Death Sea, Yellow river, Fuji-Mountain, Everest, Kilimanjaro, ..)

· Chemical Elements and phenomena's of Physics (Au, Fe, C4, Ions, organic chemistry, Inorganic, Carbonates, Quarks, Positron, Electromagnetic, metals, crystals, ...)

· Predictive Elements ( I-Tjing, Tarot, Western and Chinese Astrologic signs and symbols, Runs, Indian signs, Voodoo, yin/yang, ...)

· Moves (Jumping, Diagonally, blocked, knights, halma, tower, alternating, field-related, snakes, ladder, Goose, DD-interactive, replacing, attacking, ..)

· Power Systems ( Fuel, Steam, Nuclear, electric, hydra, steam, electromagnetic, animal, manpower, mental power, Telekinetic, gravity, love, transcendental, money, verbal, pentagrams, signs, ...)

· Medical signs ( Hospital, entree, red cross, cross, forbidden, poison, skull, Dollar, temperature, drugs, medicines, ...)

· Psychological elements ( types of behaviour, association signs & frameworks, types of rules, roll-playing, attitudes, instructions, schools, starting points for talks ..., temperaments, emotions, defence systems, ... )

· Accidents ( car, bus, train, plane, rocket, bicycle, sport, school, technical, body, fire, earthquake, kitchen, ...)

· Food ( bread, cornflakes, sweets, candies, meat, chewing, milk, chocolate, water, salt, pepper, pizza, lasagna, hamburger, fish burger, vegetables, Belgian fries, beer, alcohol, wheat, pancake, Brussels sprouts , Belgian chocolate, ...)

· Weapons ( gun, pistol, bombs, jet, baton, bullet, dirk, rocket, knife, swords, arrows, bow, magic, laser, space weapons, screen, armour, hammer, shield, buckler, escutcheon, mace, chain, foil, bazooka, rack, badge, handcuffs, manacle, gun, TNT, dynamite, explosion, A-bomb, H-Bomb, Sound bomb, fist, NCB's, elixir, immunity, ...)

· Keys ( DF allowing to use a new pawn, a new Zap Dice, an extra Disk, a new Disk, a Stratego Zapper, a Clip, or access to ...the pyramid, castle, house , building, book of knowledge, Paradise, .... a new board, a higher level, a computer, a CD, ...

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